Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

Published by
New Atlanteans (Canada) 2008
ISBN: 978-1438254395

Dialogues with Pythagoras

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov
and with his commentary

Translated into English by
Anton Teplyy and Vladimir Antonov

Correctors of the English translation:
Keenan Murphy and Hiero Nani

© Anna Zubkova, Vladimir Antonov, 2012

Foreword by Konstantinos*

Rejoice, readers! Today you will learn more about the deeds and Teachings of Great Pythagoras!

Two and a half thousand years separate the time of His Incarnation on the Earth from the days of the present. He was known throughout the ancient world as a great philosopher, mathematician, and as the creator of a spiritual School. He contributed to many areas of knowledge and created a unique School for the development of human souls.

Not many fragments of His writings and of the legends about His life, which were retold and copied in the old days by many, reached your contemporaries.

The biographies of Pythagoras compiled by Porphyry or by Diogenes Laertius, as well by their followers, are not perfect… They collected facts, rumors, legends, and conjectures written by people that did not know Pythagoras personally…

Only the “Golden Verses of Pythagoras”, saved by Lysias [5], came to us in their purest form.

… Yes, the legends about Pythagoras started arising already during His lifetime. His simple life became surrounded by an aura of mystery… Many revered Him as Apollo that appeared on the Earth again.

… Pythagoras was born on the island of Samos in the Aegean Sea. Before He was born, His parents had visited the temple of Apollo at Delphi and received there the prophecy that they would have a son “Who will bring benefit to all people in all times”.

… Pythagoras himself did not say much about His childhood. He only told His disciples that from an early age He loved to learn. He also emphasized the importance of the aspiration for knowledge and for the cognition of the Truth, since this is the main motive force for the soul on the Path of self-perfection!

At first Pythagoras studied with many educated people of that time: Hermodamas, Pherecydes of Syros, and Anaximander.

He mentioned that the initiations received by Him in His youth from Orphics were important for His spiritual development. From Orphics, He acquired the knowledge of the laws of true ethics, including the ethics of nutrition. He also got to know about the huge possibilities that the harmony of art has to influence a soul and about the Creator-Ruler of the whole universe, not divided into separate cults of “gods”.

Afterwards, Pythagoras traveled a lot throughout different countries. His strength of the soul, His charm, His aspiration for the Truth, and His purity were so great that the spiritual Masters easily let Him know the secrets usually carefully concealed from the foreigners.

He received initiations from many spiritual traditions, including Egyptian; He studied, among other places, in Memphis and Heliopolis, and even was ordained as a priest there.

Yet Pythagoras surpassed all His teachers since beyond the borders of particular religious traditions, He saw One Divine Source and was able to cognize It.

Then He found himself in Persia, which ruled over many nations at that time. Philosophers, healers, foretellers, and magicians were gathered in the court of Persia… The rulers of different countries acted in this way at that time, and the ruler of the Persians tried to outdo them all in this…

No matter to what country Pythagoras came — He enriched His experience with the wisdom of those nations.

Later on Pythagoras created His own School in the Greek city of Crouton in southern Italy. And this School glorified His name for centuries!

He united the wisdom that was accumulated by humanity up until that time with the Divine Knowledge received by Him personally into a coherent system that covered all areas of life and allowed many people, who acquainted themselves with His Teachings, to come closer to the Perfection.

In His School, there was knowledge of different levels so that everyone could try to master that level for which he or she was prepared. There were youths who studied the basics of mathematics and music and, on the other hand, those who received great initiations mastering the highest Divine states of the soul. All this was divided in harmonious steps of growth: from a pure person, righteous in actions, emotions, and thoughts — to the Divine Person!

Religion, science, and art harmoniously combined with one another in that School. Students were able to obtain diversified knowledge of medicine, astronomy, geometry, music, architecture and sculpture. But the most important was the knowledge about the development of the soul, while all the rest just helped to carry out this task.

The ability to admire and enjoy the beautiful was natural to the Greek culture of that time. This was reflected in the reverence for philosophers, who showed the beauty of thought, in admiring the beauty of a human body, for example, during sport competitions, dances, or in sculptures. Greeks also admired the beauty of words in verses of poets and the harmony in the creations of musicians.

In this atmosphere, Pythagoras explained to people the laws of harmony and beauty, taught how to delight — through attunement — in their contemplation, and helped them to see their connection with the Divine Laws of aspiration for the Whole and for the Mergence with the Creator.

Pythagoras also taught about the law of reincarnation in the development of souls. He spoke about numerous births through which every soul has to pass on its path to the Perfection. The eternal and sad existence in hades* does not await a soul after the death of its body, but a new birth on the Earth does. A soul will be born again in a new body to continue its development.

Besides, Pythagoras taught about the Great Central Fire — the Sun of God, Which is one of the Manifestations of the Creator, Who is the Origin of the entire Creation and the One Who controls all the processes in the universe!

Pythagoras did not recognize slave labor and preached freedom and the inadmissibility of use of violence of one man against another and of man against the world of nature.

He also explained that the sacrifices of animals, which were a part of the traditional beliefs and practices of many temples at that time, were unpleasant to God.

He explained why people should follow a vegetarian diet. He himself and His disciples were strict vegetarians.

Pythagoras always made an indelible impression on people. His movements were smooth and calm. His speech was unhurried and full of strength. He was unruffled even when His life or His work was in danger. No situation could ever affect His state of harmony since He was One with the Higher Harmony, Which cannot be affected by the worldly problems.

His speeches inspired a lot of people! He seemingly did the impossible, by uniting the higher spiritual truths and the fundamentals, which were accessible and understandable for everyone, into the consistent Teachings.

On the initial stages of education, students were taught ethical purity. Pythagoras explained to them the laws of the relationships between people, between man and nature, and between man and God.

The School was created by Him in a way that people of different stages of growth could find opportunities for their further development. Thus some developed their intellect through mathematical knowledge and logic, others tried to master the principles of harmony in music, painting, dance, poetry…

Pythagoras also applied the ethical laws to the organization of the state, emphasizing the importance of this for the formation of worthy citizens. His influence on politicians and rulers was enormous… Most of His proposals were put into practice.

He didn’t dedicate His life to a utopia: an unrealizable dream of creating a beautiful structure of society. But He created a real model for a harmonious life in His School.

For the higher stages of education, in the School of Pythagoras there was a very careful selection of students. There existed a long trial period, from one to several years. During this time, candidates studied the ethical principles and the general knowledge about the structure of the universe. In public speeches, i.e. open to all interested people, Pythagoras himself, at first, and then His disciples, spoke at length about this.

Afterwards, the candidates for the next stages of education had to pass through an entrance interview. This was a serious examination conducted in order to understand how the student had learned the basics…

The peculiarity of the School was the fact that both men and women were admitted to it. At that time women could receive only an education at home or at a temple. But in the School of Pythagoras, they had an opportunity to study alongside men.

Matrimonial unions between students were not prohibited in the School.

Pythagoras declared coarse sexual desires to be vices, but subtle tender sex relations between two people who loved each other He called blessed by God. Pythagoras himself was married and had children. His wife and children were His disciples.

Students in the School were divided into groups according to the consecutive stages. Thus, there existed the listeners and the cognizers.

The listeners were those imbibing the knowledge and learning to put the ethical rules and philosophy of the Pythagoreans into practice in daily life and in creative work. At that stage they mastered, among other things, the inner silence. Out of psychoenergetical exercises, they were only taught the simple practices that allowed them to control their emotional spheres and cleanse the body’s energies. They also mastered those initial techniques that allowed them to open their spiritual hearts and feel the Light and Love of God. Many of those students then continued their activities outside the School, bringing a new outlook to the lives of the people around them.

The cognizers were on the next principal stage where the serious meditations of the level of Buddhi Yoga were studied. There were much less of those students. This knowledge was considered esoteric, i.e., secret and accessible only to those deserving it.

There was also a third very small group of disciples Who were called the Shining Ones. They were called so because They achieved the Mergence with the Divine Consciousness and could now shine with themselves: emit the Light of God and give the Divine Knowledge to others, taking It from the Original Source. They were very few. They helped the Teacher to conduct classes and created new communities of the Pythagorean brotherhood.

… Purity of souls often stirs up hatred in those who do not want to transform themselves to become better. Among the rejected candidates was a man who began to hate Pythagoras and then embittered and led those who set fire to the building of the School and killed Pythagoras and many of His disciples…

This event forced the remaining embodied Pythagoreans to become more cautious, by trying to be unnoticeable among strangers. The direct training became available only to a very few. Yet the light of this knowledge continued to help seekers for centuries.

There were legends that Pythagoras did not die then and escaped. They arose because afterwards Pythagoras recreated His material form several times before His remaining incarnate disciples to support them and to help them not lose courage in those severe circumstances.

… Pythagoras and His closest disciples usually did not write down the knowledge about the highest levels of the development, but if they did, they wrote it with the help of secret symbols. Those who had already risen up to the appropriate heights could easily perceive meditations and instructions from the Master without His bodily presence — directly from consciousness to consciousness.

Thus He taught those who were not near His body. And then — after His disincarnation — He did the same with many generations of His followers.

Even today He continues helping incarnate people.

So harken! And learn directly what Pythagoras, as the Divine Consciousness, teaches!

Pythagoras Teaches:

“I would like to start talking with incarnate people once again. And let My talks become available for them!

“Not much of what I said, wrote, and taught has survived and reached your contemporaries. I will repeat something again for the generations now living on the Earth. Call this the Dialogues with Pythagoras, because it is a part of the answers to the questions that I answered many times.

“So let’s start, friends! I embrace you, My readers, with the Wave of the Living Light! I will tell you about the Laws of Love!”

“How did You teach ethics? On what grounds does a person have to keep an ethical life? And what should be considered ethical?”

“I once wrote the Treatise on Ethics… There I, in particular, said and now repeat it again: without ethics — knowledge is dangerous!

“Yes, many believe that there are no grounds for behavior based on ethics… This is so because it seems that in the same way people rejoice, suffer, and then die: both those who indulge in vices, and those who live in care for others and in love for everything…

“But it seems so only on the surface, in the momentary bustle…

“Verily, there are grounds for an ethical life!

“… Among different nations, there are different rules of behavior. Those rules, laws, and traditions are invented by people. They could be better or worse… They are obligatory for those people who live in the community where those rules were invented. That man or a few people who govern that state order to observe those rules…

“But there is something different!

“The Laws of the higher purity, love, and harmony are not invented by people! They are laid in the nature of the Evolution by the Creator of the whole Creation! This may be not obvious for people because of the ‘black clouds’ of their prejudices. But love, harmony, and purity are the direction of the movement to the Creator! The movement backwards creates disharmony, diseases and afflictions… We are free to choose where to go…

“Love is the quality of the Whole*! Love holds everything together inside It! Everything in It lives in Unity! And it is the Great Law for the life of all beings!

“That is why, love and kindness are boons! Through the acts of love and kindness — we move towards harmony and Unity!

“On the contrary, evil is a violation of harmony. Evil is harm caused to the Whole, when everything is divided into ‘yours’ and ‘mine’. In that division, ‘mine’ tends to dominate, and this creates opportunities for the evil…

“Evil begets evil, good begets good…

“But only a sage can distinguish between good and evil!

“Let love become a stronghold of ethics in everyone! A solid and simple stronghold for obtaining the Unity with the Whole and for the Mergence with It!”

“How did You manage to create such a School and to make Your Teachings so popular? How — without compulsion! — did the rich renounce their wealth and life in luxury and come to You to be Your disciples? How did You manage to do it so that a lot of people began to strive sincerely to observe the ethical laws of life? And why did the rulers bow before Your wisdom and want to follow Your advice?”

“There is the power of the soul! If this power is great, then that person has popularity among others. Other people want to listen to such a person, follow his or her example in everything… And they are even ready just to be next to that man… But it is a big trouble when their idols, possessing coarse power, do not know the ethical laws of God!…

“Yet when the Creator manifests His Supreme Will through an embodied perfect Man, this Divine Power transforms all the space around that Person! All good souls, in a great aspiration, are ready to listen and to approach such a Man! Those souls obtain great happiness in touching the Love of God manifested through that Man!

“Yes, in all times there were cases, when the Divine Wisdom, Love, and Power were manifested in human bodies. This attracted souls more than idle games, drunken fun, or worship of the invented ‘gods’…

“But what a pity that only few of the crowd of listeners stay faithful to the Teachings… There are always thousands of those who are ready to listen; much fewer are those who can understand the essence and only a few are those who become the followers; as for those who can fulfill all this in its totality… — they are numerous only if we look through the eyes of God at a series of countless centuries…”

“How can I control my own desires, and how can I refuse the empty ones?”

“Let’s discuss what and why we can wish.

“After all, we should understand that it makes sense to suppress not all, but only bad desires!

“It is so because man can also wish to achieve the Perfection, the Wisdom and the Mergence with the Whole! These Higher Goals can direct and transform the entire life!

“It is important to discern what is good for us on the spiritual Path, what is unnecessary and only distracts us, and what even pulls us back.

“Those desires are vicious that carry inside them harm to others, as well as those that hinder a person from becoming better or deflect him or her from doing good for the Whole!

“It is good for us to learn to abstain from bad or untimely desires. It strengthens the will and prevents the soul from being enslaved by them. It is ridiculous and humiliating for a person to be a prisoner of any such desires — whether it will be a desire to eat, to sleep, or to express resentment to another person!

“Listen, oh man! Be the master of your desires! Don’t be a slave of your despicable vile passions!

“It is essential for a person to realize what — actually — should really be desired!

“Now let’s talk about the control of the desires.

“There is a will — the power of the developed soul.

“However, that power which is directed towards the bad is dangerous!

“Who controls the will of man? Man alone! With our thoughts and emotions, we direct our power… We are able to think, evaluate, and differentiate and should direct our power to the good!

“Nevertheless, while our ‘parts’ — emotions, desires, and thoughts — are not in harmony with each other, it is not easy for us to control that power…

“It is necessary to understand that only the heart love can harmoniously unite both thoughts and actions, goals and desires — and balance them! Only the heart love can make a person whole! And the power of such a person increases extremely in that case!

“When one’s thoughts, emotions, and will are in unity and directed to the good, it is easy to control desires!

“And it is possible for one to cultivate this wholeness in oneself!”

“How did You inspire Your students to fight against their imperfections?”

“I was not indulgent towards vices of My disciples!

“I often heard that ‘We all are people; therefore, we all are sinful…’

“I answered: ‘Yes, we all are people! And that is why, we can become like God in all things!’

“Yes, all of us are people! Therefore, we can develop the Divine in ourselves! We should live exactly for this!

“We are people! And this is a great opportunity for us! We can look over the edge of the material Creation! We are able to understand and realize our Divine Essence!

“Life on the Earth in this body is short. And then, perhaps during centuries, we will have to wait for another opportunity to get another body — to change, to transform ourselves…

“The laws of life are set by God. They must be observed by us — for the good of the Whole and for our own good! When one understands this — one becomes able to recognize good and evil in oneself. In this case, one starts clearly comprehending why murder, theft, lies, hatred, pride, laziness, and other similar things are considered vices.

“When one strives for self-transformation not just in one’s mind or verbally but in actions — such one can establish oneself in love!

“I was merciless when someone fostered evil in oneself, or ignored it, or cherished a vice of pride! I was straight and strict with My disciples and succeeded in helping many of them in this way!”

“How did You explain to people the need of pure — vegetarian — nutrition? This principle is so simple, but people are rarely willing to follow it…”

“To begin with, I suggested that people refrain from killing. I explained that life is sacred! It is created by God and serves God!

“Then I explained the wonderful Unity of everything that exists in the universe!

“I also talked about the fact that animals and all other beings are the creatures of the Creator!

“Souls live in their bodies! They — like we — feel, rejoice, and suffer! And people should not make the creatures of God suffer in vain!

“People should not eat the flesh of animals! It is incompatible with the principles of love and purity!

“Now let’s talk about purity.

“There is the purity of a body. A body should be clean and in good health! Don’t spoil the boat in which you have to take the journey — through the sea of life — to the Paternal Home!

“There is also the purity of a soul. This purity is determined by your thoughts, emotions, and actions!

“As for the purity of a body, it may be achieved in two ways: from outside — and from inside.

“How to achieve this from outside is clear to everyone: one needs — preferably at the sunrise and at the sunset — to perform the ablutions of the body for cleansing the cover of the soul of outside dirt.

“Yet there is another purity, which enters a body with food and drink.

Since a body lives and grows transforming the food that we give to it, the food also should be pure: free of energies of pain, violence, cruelty, and human greed…

“When a person eats a dead body — he or she takes inside death and pain…

“On the other hand, when one uses pure and harvested with love fruits and seeds* — the power of life becomes stronger in one’s body and in the soul!

“I considered the use of pure food indispensable for a pure and ethical life!

“Now I’ll talk about the purity of drinking.

“Who, being sensible, would agree to drink that which darkens the mind? Who voluntarily will pass from wisdom to foolishness? Let the one who would like to understand the laws of purity ponder over it by oneself!

“I also want to speak about the purity of thinking.

“There is the purity of thoughts. It is difficult to achieve it, although possible. The one who has no evil thoughts — will not commit evil deeds!

“Yet the only way to accustom oneself to thinking brightly and clearly is through the development of the heart love and through the knowledge of the principles of ethics!

“Thus we come to the main aspect of purity; that is, the purity of a soul! This purity arises from the ability to love! It expands through love and aspires for the Light of the Higher Purity!

“Only a pure soul is able to see the intangible Light, to hear and understand God, and to feel fully His Love!

“That is why, the soul must be kept clean!”

“But how can one overcome a lack of will, inertia, laziness, and discouragement?”

“Let’s find the cause! To strengthen one’s will, one must have the Goal and strive to find the steps to achieve It!

“One must try to understand the meaning of life!

“Let one live trying to obtain the Harmony with the Creator!

“And there can be a quite simple step for strengthening the will: one can raise the energy of a body with gymnastics.

“The second step could be the harmony between the work for the mind and for the body. It is possible to find the balance right in the middle, that is, in the spiritual heart, where love reigns. Love can create harmony in all things! Thus, let love teach you to overcome laziness and lethargy! And God will welcome your love and then lead you to the cognition of Himself!

“Have diligence, patience, and willpower! This will be the guarantee that you will overcome the Path to the Light!* It can’t be done in one day. Only that person who is ready to work daily can achieve a lot!”

“How can one discern when to be persistent and when to be humble?”

“To be successful in this worldly life, a person has to be self-confident.

“But for the spiritual growth, one needs to have faith in the Supreme Divine Guidance, which makes self-conceit and narcissism unacceptable.

“An irresolute and shy person can’t overcome the Path. On the other hand, a proud and self-conceit man will fall into the abyss!

“Equilibrium and harmony teach us to discern when the Higher Will wants us to be humble and when we should be firm, confident, and resolute!”

“How can one overcome fear?”

“Fear in itself is not real! It is only a figment of the mind, turned into emotion.

“Just take away the one who sees this terrible image — and fear disappears!

“Fear comes from the delusion. The cause of fear is separateness...*

“The one who is small and weak is afraid of everything! Such a person — like foam on the waves — shakes, trembles, and is carried by the wind and beaten by the surf…

“But man is not foam on the waves! On the contrary, he or she is similar to water in the perfect world of the Ocean of Life!* Man is a part of the Whole and can perceive oneself not as foam, and not even as a wave, born by the wind from the ocean, but as the inseparable and consubstantial Part of All Waters! And the one who is aware of oneself as the Part of the Whole is no longer afraid: nothing could happen to him or her that shouldn’t happen!

“The one who knows the essence of oneself and of the Ocean* is brave, happy, and unruffled!

“The Great Ocean of the Divine Consciousness is the One That creates, destroys, and controls everything completely!

“Trust in God! God always observes you! And He loves you! Everything that comes into your life is sent to you for your good, to help you find love and wisdom! Everything is a lesson from God for you! Your past determines what you should cognize now and in the future! We all should strive to pass through all these lessons and understand them!

“Success comes to the one who accepts life experience from both right and wrong actions! The comprehension of this will help one to find the wisdom to accept one’s own destiny and to be fearless before one’s own failures!

“The true ethical principles help people to act righteously and never regret what happened to them! The lessons given to us by life are always fine if a person lives in heart love, follows the right ethical principles, and has the mind developed enough for learning.”

“How can one find harmony?”

“Observe the Whole!

“Learn to love!

“Both the mind and the heart should sound in tune with the Creator!

“Light the lamp of your heart — and then the eyes of the soul will be open! This vision gives the ability to cognize harmony and God!

“Learn to love everything manifested by Him, and then learn to love Him — that is My advice! In this case, all that exists will echo to you with love!”

“Why was geometry one of the areas of Your work?”

“I gave people a lot of different things, but now they remember only few of them…

“Nevertheless, let’s talk a little about geometry:

“A point, a line, or any other geometric shape is relative. When we know the plane on which we draw shapes — we can also look behind the piece of paper and see the essence behind this illusion!

“Only having looked into that intangible Depth, can we cognize the real Light That creates all lines and all volumes and is the Basis That exists under each point or line.”

“Is it true that your disciples made a vow of silence at the initial stage of learning?”

“Absolutely not! But it is on the first stage that they mastered calm of soul and peace of mind through the development of the ability to live in their spiritual hearts! Of course, they then stopped talking about nothing and spoke only about the Truth. In this case, they could, indeed, stay silent for a long time…

“… Let’s talk about silence, about this great calm in which the mind is speechless and the soul feels God!

“This silence is filled with Love!

“You can conquer your mind! You can teach it to be silent — and then you will become the master of your thoughts instead of being a slave of those who suggest thoughts to you!

“Become the master of your thoughts! Become the master of your words!

“Gain control over your emotions, curbing them with the help of love!

“Love is the basis for everything!

“Accept that you are a part of the Whole united in One with Love!

“All that you see around you is a part of the universal You — in your potential!*

“Doing evil — you do harm to yourself! On the contrary, doing good — you strengthen the GREAT ONENESS!

“So have the wisdom to avoid doing evil to the Life of the Whole!”

“How can we cultivate love in ourselves? How can we master love, peace, and wisdom — in contrast to the passions that rule over humans?”

“Passion is not love! Passion is a desire reinforced by the emotions of a soul, which so strongly wants to have an object or person that it considers everything else as unimportant.

“It is wrong to give oneself to worldly passions and let them rule over you! Passions will carry you away from balance and calm! Happiness will quickly turn into misfortune if you don’t turn passions into love!

“Your love is born in the beautiful source called the spiritual heart! Here the important union can be formed: the Divine enters man, and man perceives God!*

“Love is the support that will allow you to withstand when everything suddenly gets destroyed and it seems that there is no salvation from troubles!

“You, being love, will merge with the Light and cognize another dimension of existence, in which there is only One Holy ‘I’!

“… Let’s talk more about ethics. Ethics is the first thing that a soul should learn. Those talents and skills that teach the unethical and give the examples of evil are senseless and dangerous!

“I had talked a lot about this before, teaching about the purity in thoughts and in actions. For example, to wish for someone else’s things, to envy, and to steal should be considered as evil. There is ‘the mathematics of love’, which describes the law of karma: a giver will have no shortage because — before the Eyes of God — he or she multiplies the good, doing good; on the contrary, a thief deprives oneself of good!”

“But in Your time, as well as in ours, people often become rich by means of theft or unscrupulous and dishonest acts! Yet the retribution doesn’t befall them! And they keep living in luxury, giving bad examples to others!”

“That is why I created the School: to praise the purity of the soul and to cultivate love in people! That is why I dictate these lines to you! It’s very important to speak about the ethical and the unethical, to foster the aspiration for love, light, and purity in souls!

“I have done a lot for this, and I am doing it right now. Those people who united in themselves purity, love, harmony in words, and beauty in actions were known during many centuries as the followers of My Teachings! My disciples were recognized by ethical actions and the purity of the souls!

“… But I digressed from the initial question… You asked why thieves, living in luxury, consider themselves happy and multiply evil all around them.

“Here is an example: the one who eats too much, sometimes enjoys one’s gluttony. Yet he or she causes harm both to the body and to the soul and — being swollen and sore in one’s old age — will get the consequences of this vice of gluttony…

“The effect always inevitably follows its cause! However, it may take time to see this effect. The one who steals deprives oneself of the possibility of Unity with the Whole, of the possibility of living in light, purity, and love!… I can see these problems of that person right now, at once; but his or her insight is still ahead…

“Worldly boons easily come and easily go… But only that which passes with the soul to the other world and to its new incarnations is truly significant in people’s lives!”

“Does lying hinder movement of the soul through life?”

“Don’t allow yourself to lie! Don’t allow yourself even to have thoughts that distort the truth! When one lies wittingly — one moves away from the Truth. And the Truth has the Divine Vision and Memory of everything!

“You should understand that to cognize the Truth, we have to pass through the process of gaining purity, wisdom, and high refinement in ourselves! All this is clear to the intellectually developed soul!

“When a vicious soul turns away from the Light and makes a conscious step into the darkness — the Light fades for it! In this case, the possibility to approach the Light diminishes for a long time!

“When we lie, even if we do this in small things, we diminish the possibility to enter the Harmony of the Whole! We close for ourselves the access to the Truth! A fault, even if it is minor at first sight, changes the direction of the movement of the soul, carrying it away from the Truth, away from the Light!”

“But sometimes the truth can also cause harm. It happens when it’s told at a wrong time or in a wrong place, or when it gets into the hands of a person with malicious intentions…”

“Then keep silence! If you see that saying the truth may cause harm to others or involve them in dramatic events — stay in silence or avoid the dangerous concurrence of circumstances, telling the truth but about other things.

“Don’t lie either to yourself or to others — and the help of God will be with you! And with time you will be able to cognize Him and help Him with your whole life!

“God really exists! And God is the Truth, the First Cause, and the Essence of everything! In harmony, love, and purity — seek the Truth — and you will come to the cognition of the One Who created this world and filled it with Himself as the invisible Boundless Soul!

“To be aware of oneself as a part of the Whole is not the Divinity yet, but it’s a very important step in the development of the soul. In this case, the ‘I’ is not the center anymore but only a particle, which — with its whole life — seeks the good for the Whole!

“And you will learn not to disturb the harmony in any way when you cognize that God really is Love and that we all live in Him, as in a huge Home!

“Yes, the entire universe is your Home! Here and now the Life and the Development of Universal God take place!

“His Creation is a wonderful single whole! And our task is to pass through all the stages of the spiritual Path, cognize the Highest Consciousness and become One with It!

“We, as souls, can experience with love the existence of everything!

“Love — unites! It connects the one who loves with the one who is loved!

“Love unites us in one with all those whom we love!

“Yet we can also embrace the entire world with our love!

“Love can grow, multiply, become subtle, sound like beautiful music, flow like a river, and embrace with the peace and silence of the Depths!

“And if we love Him, the Creator of everything, we merge with Him into One! And there, in this infinite Ocean of Light, we understand that everything is governed only by His Love!”

“I heard that all Pythagoreans were good friends. Tell us about friendship, please!”

“In the movement of the souls through their lives, there is an important thing: beautiful emotions!

“The best one of them is love between people, which — without selfishness — unites the souls and helps on the Path.

“Great friendship connected all My disciples!

“I addressed them with the words ‘My friends!’ — and it created a field that united all of us in love!

“It will be good now to resurrect everything that creates harmony, love, respect, and mergence of souls…

“Let everyone hear the sound of the words, flowing like a river to him or her: ‘My friends! We can resurrect for all people on the Earth those ethical laws that help us to find Love!’”

“Is it true that all belongings in Your School were common?”

“Yes! I created then — in My School — an example for human society! All belongings were common there. And no one had anything that was not necessary for him or her in that moment. And everyone could get what he or she needed at that time.

“The thoughts of all disciples were free from all unnecessary worries about the material.

“They didn’t waste their efforts on gaining personal wealth.

“And everyone diligently took care of the creation and maintenance of our common home.”

“What does one need to do to achieve happiness in life?”

“There is no greater happiness than that of the Mergence with God!

“And it is possible to experience this Happiness only when one has a material body!

“All material delights that a person can experience here will leave… All transitory pleasures of this material world will disappear! They are like a piece of ice that melts in your hand as soon as you take it… A desirable object stops being desirable when you start possessing it… All pleasures won’t last forever; they fall into decline because of excess, since something habitual does not give us as much pleasure as before; we get tired of it…

“And only love, when it is pure, always gives us joy, happiness, and peace!

“So we find holiness, purity, and love when we move in the right direction!

“There is the happiness of a sage. It consists in the acceptance and understanding of that which should be! It consists in the ability to enjoy the Mergence with God under any circumstance! It consists in receiving the Divine Love and in the life for Him!

“In this case, you can’t become satiated since you drink from the Eternal Source!

“And the one who constantly experiences the Unity with the Whole and lives for It — is infinitely happy!”

“How can one deal with doubts and indecision?”

“Don’t be afraid of doubts! Only fools or arrogant people have no doubts! I wouldn’t wish for anyone to be like them!

“Let doubts develop wisdom!

“But don’t let doubts become insurmountable obstacles for your actions!

“When the inner harmony is reached, doubts give way to the knowledge rising from within: from the depths of the developed spiritual heart.

“How can one learn to be joyful?”

“Joy is essential on the spiritual Path! In Ancient Greece, people greeted each other with the word ‘khaire’, which meant ‘rejoice!’. Thus the best sons and daughters of Hellas taught to give joy when they met others! And it is wise!

“The ability to be joyful appears as soon as you develop the ability to live in your spiritual heart and as soon as you understand the meaning of life!

“To begin with, try to feel a smile in your chest, and then from your heart, greet everyone and say with love:


“How did You teach about the development of a soul and about multiple incarnations?”

“I taught that a soul does not die with the death of a body and that it doesn’t go to the country beyond the grave ‘hades’, but after some time gets a new body to continue its way to the Perfection!

“… The path of the one who lives without the understanding of the true meaning of life is sad!… And the only benefit that such a person gets from such a life is life experience…

“Those legends which state that I went down to the realm of the dead to liberate the souls from that place are ridiculous… No! I only explained to people the laws of life of the souls!

“I only gave the knowledge that a soul is free and that its destiny leads to the eternity! And this eternity can be filled with love, tenderness, and light — or with suffering and pain!

“And everyone can choose what he or she wants to create for his or her own future! Indeed, after the death of the body, one remains in that state in which one used to live during the incarnation.

“And every new birth gives the possibility to change one’s own destiny by means of living in purity. It is what I call the progress towards the Perfection!”

“What kind of exercises for the body could You recommend for beginners?”

“I welcomed then swimming and running most of all.

“Although I was familiar with exercises similar to asanas of Hatha Yoga, I didn’t use them in My School.

“I chose more simple gymnastic exercises inherent to the Greek tradition. ‘Dances of Ecstasy’ were usual in many temples, and they were a part of Greek culture of that time. I just stressed that one needs to be in subtle and sublime states of the soul, which he or she could combine with the movements of the body.

“You also have it in your practices; remember, for example, ‘spontaneous dance’.

“Those exercises gave a wonderful effect of the transformation of the body and of the soul! Yet the main point was to fill the heart with God, and then the whole body got filled with Him.”

“Did You explain to people the meaning of the words ‘God’ and ‘Gods’?”

“I often called the Creator of the entire Creation the First Cause, the Great Fire or the Central Sun.

“I also taught about the Unity of the Whole or, in other words, about the Absolute, in Which all that is created by the Creator is One with Him. Inside this Whole, the spiritual Path lies! And let your aspiration be to reach the First Cause of everything!

“When the Soul has achieved the Perfection and gives Love-Light to everything, being merged with the Highest Source, we also call It Divine Soul or God!

“So, real Gods are those Souls That achieved the Mergence with the Creator and now come from Him to help embodied people.

“… I can tell you more about the Unity in God’s Creation.

“… Now people have so much useless knowledge!… And it’s hardly possible to meet a person who strives to understand and embrace the Whole… Therefore, there is imperfect medicine, in which physicians try to heal the body without knowing about vices of the soul… Therefore, there is imperfect architecture, in which architects think only about the conveniences for the bodies and forget about the beauty of the Earth and about the harmony of living nature… And therefore, people direct so many thoughts and strengths to reinforce and multiply the means of killing… And the wars on the Earth become more and more terrible each time…

“I, on the contrary, taught that the development of the ability to fight and to kill reflects nothing but the perversity of human society and of the structure of that state!

“It’s necessary to teach the understanding of the meaning of human life and the knowledge about the Whole in schools and universities, to describe it in books and to apply it in arts! Oh, how I wish that everyone would think about the tasks of the Whole! The life on the Earth would be transformed more quickly then!

“God exists! And God is One! This knowledge can change the entire life!

“It doesn’t matter what we call Him: the Original Light, the Creative Power, or the Creator! The essence is not in the words! We live for Him whether we know about this or not!

“And finally, I will explain four exercises to those who have already eliminated in themselves gross vices and developed the ability to live in the state of love, peace, and harmony. These exercises will help them to feel the Unity of the Whole!

“The first exercise is called ‘Air’:

“Early in the morning, during mild weather, in the midst of the expanse of the sea or of the fields, we inhale deeply and exhale…

“The air that fills our chests and the air that surrounds us are one…

“All the living that can breathe does it inside the same space of air above the surface of the Earth!

“We inhale once more and feel in the chest the area of the spiritual heart. Let it be transparent and pure like the air full of light!

“Let love fill this space — love for all beings around us and love for those who are far away!

“Let love expand!

“Let the Transparent, Divine, loving and embracing everything Light be inside and outside! Let’s stay in the Mergence with It!

“Let the soul be the living light too! Merging with the Light of God, it becomes bigger!

“The more we do this exercise, the more we, as souls full of love, will be able to feel the Oneness of the Whole!

“The second exercise is ‘The Sea’:

“Having swum and dived without hurry, we can do this exercise.

“Let’s inhale and hold our breath, then lie face down on the water and relax… Then we can open our eyes and see the transparency of the pure water, penetrated by the rays of the sun…

“There is only the transparency of the golden sea… And the body is weightless, transparent and merged with the transparency and light… And it seems that the body has disappeared… Let only this sea be, the sea in which everything is united with the golden water into a single whole…

“Then we can also lie face up on the water and admire the endless blue sky… Let the sea look at the sky through us and the sky look into the sea…

“Let’s wash thoroughly the entire body inside with the waves of the transparent light…

“Then we can go out to the shore and walk slowly, remaining, as consciousnesses, in the mergence with the space between the sea and the sky and then… — as if behind the edge of the Earth…

“The third exercise is ‘The Earth’:

“We should start this exercise with the emotions of love and gratitude towards the Earth, which feeds us, allows us to grow and carries us on itself.

“Walking on the surface of the planet, become aware of its huge size… The space that we see through our bodily eyes is really small… Yet over the horizon — to the left and to the right, forward and backward — its surface keeps going… And we can feel the light in the interiors of the Earth… How deep can we reach?…

“The Earth appears to us as the great soul! And every soul that lives and grows here is located on this soul of the Earth… Like flowers or trees, we all — as souls — live inside the tenderness and care of the Mother-Earth…

“Let’s feel all this! Let’s perceive its love, power, and peace!

“The fourth exercise is ‘The Sun’:

“Early in the morning, at sunrise, let’s look at the sun. Let’s fill our spiritual hearts with this pure and gentle light!

“Let’s memorize with the soul that state of emanation, in which the sun gives light to all beings…

“Now let our love shine from our hearts towards everything, as the sun shines!

“And with the sunny heart, shining with love, let’s live and give our peace and love to everything and everyone!

“The First Cause of life in the universe is like the Infinite Sun!

“The Creator, like the Sun, emanates from Himself His Creation.

“His Love permeates everything!”

Comment: Where Can We Find God?

Vladimir Antonov (Ph.D. in biology)

God doesn’t exist only on icons, in statues, or in the ancient books and prophecies. But He is always everywhere, being the constant Witness and Participant in the life of each one of us. I am talking now about God in the aspect of the Holy Spirit, first of all (or, more precisely, the Holy Spirits).

Moreover, we — both as souls and bodies — are particles of God in the aspect of the Absolute.

The Absolute is multidimensional. The main Part of It, also called the Primordial Consciousness, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao, Ishvara, or the Heart of the Absolute — is the Creator, Who abides in the highest, subtlest spatial dimension.

“God is Love” — this phrase is related to the Creator, to the Holy Spirit, and to the incarnate Representatives of the Creator.

The Holy Spirits are the non-embodied Representatives of the Creator. In the past They were incarnate people, spiritual seekers, who evolved positively and reached the state of Oneness with Him — and now come out of Him in order to help embodied beings.

The Path to the cognition of the Creator in His Abode and Mergence with Him includes the development of oneself as a spiritual heart and refinement of the consciousness through the methods of psychical self-regulation, art, and ecopsychology.

The Absolute is evolving. This process is realized through the development of individual souls formed by the Creator. Developing positively, souls attain the Perfection and merge with the Creator in His Abode, enriching Him in this way.

However, by using the “free will”* given to us by God, many souls choose the path of coarsening themselves through evil actions and corresponding emotions, and they are expelled to the “outer darkness”, that is, to hell.

In this way, each one of us — incarnate people living on the Earth — has a possibility to choose a future habitat for oneself in one of the spatial dimensions, among which are the Abode of the Creator, paradise, and hell.

Pythagoras once elegantly expressed this thought through the following words: “Love creates babies consisting of the Light! Souls that have found Love please the Heavenly Father and gradually become One with Him!” In this phrase, there is something to think about for everyone…

Those Who achieved the Mergence with the Creator in His Abode get the opportunity to continue Their development inside the Whole, that is, inside the Absolute. Yet They always remain, with a huge part of themselves as Souls, in the eternal Unity with the Creator.

The meaning of our lives on the Earth is to fulfill this completely or, at least, to try to pass as large a part of the Path to our common Goal as possible.

In conclusion, here is another wise allegory said by Pythagoras in response to a question of His disciple. The latter asked: “What should I do to maintain the feeling of happiness in life?” Pythagoras replied: “The Sun of Happiness rises in the inner sky!”

Now it should be clear for the reader how important it is to develop ourselves as spiritual hearts, and not only for the spiritual advancement, but simply for a normal existence in this body.

To get more details about all this, you can read, watch, and listen to the following material: recommended literature.

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