Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

Published by
New Atlanteans (Canada) 2008
ISBN: 978-1438254395


“I am glad to have an opportunity to tell My story. Through it, the Divine Teachings will send one more ray of Light to the world of incarnate people.

“In one of My incarnations I met great Pythagoras and became His disciple.

“Let Me start from the beginning. I was born in Carthage. My mother was a daughter of a rich and noble person. My father was a Nubian prince. My parents loved each other, though were not officially married.

“I had never seen My father, but I inherited from him a strong body, darker-than-Phoenician color of the skin, and the feeling of being chosen due to My royal origin.

“Then My mother was given in marriage to a wealthy Phoenician merchant. After the death of the mother, My stepfather sent Me to a temple for receiving education. This temple was dedicated to Baal Hammon, who was worshipped as the god of the Sun. Thus I became a student of priests.

“My enormous physical strength and tall body made Me noticeable among people. I had an inquiring mind, large ambition, and striving to be superior in everything. In studying and in learning this striving was quite useful.

“Thanks to these qualities I was nicknamed Carthage — by the name of the great city where I was born.

“The aspiration to know everything and to learn all the secrets of the existence brought Me later to Egypt, where I studied in several temples. I wanted to know all the Divine secrets and to become equal to ‘gods’ in wisdom and power!

“Yet I was so distant from the understanding of the true Power and Wisdom!

“… In that time, a Persian conquest of Egypt happened. It turned out to be a great boon for Me: I was lucky to meet great Pythagoras! We both travelled as very valuable captives of the Persian king — and this became the main travel in My life: a travel to the depths of Myself, and then — to the depths of the universe. It is then that My true Initiation happened!

“… Only a few of those possessing certain esoteric knowledge are able to bow their heads before the All-Embracing Truth and to continue learning… I deemed Myself a knowing priest and a powerful magician — but when I met Pythagoras, I recognized in Him the very Purity of the Great Truth, Love, and Power.

“It often happens that a small knowledge deems itself a great one — and does not want to listen to the words of Wisdom and to recognize the greatness of the Truth. This failing of many of those possessing large personal power brings them to new incarnations. Such a feeling of self-sufficiency and power is a trap for those who do not know Divine Love! The one who accumulates power of the consciousness, even out of good intentions, can fall into the trap of being separated from the Divine Guidance! Many times this was a dead end for priests of various religions: having lost their connection with God, they continued to act allegedly on His behalf…

“At first, My self-conceit did not allow Me to take a humble attitude and to understand the insignificance of knowledge that is not rooted in God. But Pythagoras helped Me go out of the limits of Myself — to the All-Embraciveness of the Whole. He showed Me that beyond one’s personal power there is the Power of the Primordial One. You cannot control this Power; you can only merge with it according to the law of Love.

“Many magicians, priests, philosophers, and foretellers gathered in the Persian king’s court. Many of them were not ready to look farther than the limits of their little knowledge and to see the greatness of the Unity of the Divine Consciousness, which controls everything in the Creation.

“It was Pythagoras who began to demonstrate the purity of the Divine Truth to these people!

“He was great! His greatness consisted, for example, in the fact that He continued to learn despite knowing the Primary Source, the Creator! Pythagoras sought and collected everything that could be useful for creating United Teachings and for the methodology of the School of cognition of the Primordial One. Every branch of knowledge, which could look self-sufficient, was given an appropriate place in the wholeness of Pythagoras’ knowledge! For Him there were no sciences separate from the Harmony of the Whole.

“I have mastered everything taught by Him. I was lucky to be one of His first disciples, and He could try on Me many of His methods of teaching — in order to test their effectiveness. I was a witness and a participant of the process of formation of the principles of teaching in the School, which He just decided to create at that time.

“I learned from Him the Wisdom that never stops in the process of further cognition of depths and in radiating the Light of Truth to incarnate people.

“That School of His was conceived by Him as a synthesis of science, art, and ethics leading to purification of the soul, which is necessary for cognition of God. This greatest work allowed many souls to be attracted to the PATH OF LIGHT!

“… After liberation from the Persian captivity I, as well as My Teacher, came back home. I founded a School according to the principles established by Pythagoras. I did not manage to realize this task on the same scale as My Teacher did. But it was the first ‘offspring’ of His School in the Mediterranean region. I had only seven disciples that I managed to bring to the Light of the Creator; some of My other disciples managed to master the preliminary stages.

“In the near future, I hope to take part in realization of one intention of Pythagoras. This story, told by Me now, can become the basis of a new book: ‘Lessons of Pythagoras or Initiation of Carthage the Phoenician’”.