Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

Published by
New Atlanteans (Canada) 2008
ISBN: 978-1438254395

Words of advice from Pythagoras

In the words full of Love and Calm,

In the lines running smoothly like one sea wave after another,
I am trying to show you once again

All the Beauty and Essence of the Creative Power of God.
I teach you how to make a beautiful dream come true
And how to manifest God’s Intention in the Creation!

Strive to manifest love to the dense world!
And doing this constantly, work hard!
Only those receive Our Help who walk on the Path of Love-Harmony!

On the contrary, idle and lazy people, who do not aspire to Light,

Do not understand at all why and how one can change oneself!

If you want to be able to cope with any problem,

You should make friends with Us!
It would be good for you to learn to notice Us and to recognize Us!
And after refining yourselves in Tenderness and Purity,

You will be able to cuddle up against Us with the entire soul.
And then your Path to the Perfection will be opened!

Those who go with Us will have no problems on the Path!
A solution will be found immediately

if the one who is traversing this Path

Has cognized the interconnection between oneself

And everything in the universe not in word but in deed!

Here is My advice for you, My friends:
May God become the main thing for you

Instead of your little earthly “self”!
What is the point to follow your worldly desires?
They are infinite like a thick forest of obstacles...

This way leads to suffering, and not to the Freedom!...

There is almost no benefit from a desire for “oneself”!
That will become a heavy load in one’s destiny!
May your daily work on yourselves as souls

Free you from laziness and lead you

To the cognition of God and to Calm!

The fire of love that a traveler kindles in the heart
Is similar to the boundless Fire of the Creator!
And the one who does not allow one’s fire of the heart

To be extinguished for a long time

And the one who shines to people being a fiery soul

Will overcome all the obstacles with love and traverse the entire Path!

Such people will gradually cognize the Unity of the Divine Souls!
As a result, they will find their Abode in Primordial Calm

And the Power of God in the Creative Fire!
The reward awaits them at the end of this Path:

It will be the most precious Treasure in the entire world!

But this will not be the end, but just a step,

The beginning of a new stage of the Great Path!

Everything that happens is not “accidental”!
We, Those Who have attained the Mergence with the Creator,

Work together with you.
We help souls to get rid of their vices.
We gradually guide them to the Light

And teach them to become the golden “Sun of God”!

So, forward, My friends!
Work for God and for all people!
May the Treasure of the Divine Love be obtained by you!
Any of your achievements must serve for the common good!
Shake off “soot” from your bodies and souls,
because a lot of work awaits you on the Earth!

To nurture love in yourself, you should move away from darkness and ignorance as soon as possible!

In order to eradicate all chaos and darkness in yourself, you will have to work hard!

Yet a spiritual darkness around you without a ray of hope does not help to stay firmly in Light.

To merge with this Light, you should be reborn, that is, to reject the old ways and to change your milieu, to transform yourself and to learn to live differently!

For this, you should learn to be before the Face of God every day, notice and eliminate your vices relentlessly, and move away from falsehood, conceit, irritation, laziness, coarseness, and a desire for “yourself”!

Avoid even a shadow of evil thoughts!

Help people in everything good and wish good for everyone!

Receive the Guidance of God and remember that We always go with you!


(Revelations written down by
Svetlana Eremina)